Cape Associates Enhances Asset Management Capabilities with BarcodeShack Solutions

Cape Cod-based Cape Associates is a highly successful full-service, custom design-builder of residential and commercial construction and renovation projects with extensive in-house capabilities. Celebrating their 50th year of business, the company operates with an uncompromising commitment to quality and integrity while constantly seeking to improve their services and business processes through modern software.

In order to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver the highest project value, the Cape Associates team needed to simultaneously manage project statuses against asset usage and availability. Yet due to the set-up and restrictions of their on-premise legacy systems, manually updating each database as a means of tracking assets against job schedules and budgets proved error-prone, tedious and unsustainable.

Targeted Asset Management Software Needed to Realize Cape Associates’ Potential

Cape Associates required an asset management solution that could efficiently automate asset tracking, eliminate isolated database instances and improve system accessibility for field personnel. The company required a system that could meet their implementation deadlines, integration needs and accessibility requirements. Such a solution needed to provide instant high-level visibility and enable employee accountability while reducing inaccuracies.

Formerly, the company lacked asset inventory capabilities in the field, which compounded their issues with manually updating their job tracking and asset management software. Mismanagement of asset tracking led to inaccurate job cost calculations as well as increasing the potential of lost assets.

BarcodeShack consulted with Cape Associates to determine their current operational challenges in order to pinpoint the most effective software solution, then performed rapid requirements analysis to evaluate business requirements and select, implement and integrate the commercial off-the-shelf solution: Wasp AssetCloud.

This cloud-based software enables Cape Associates’ employees to access and update the asset management database from anywhere using a smartphone. The software has check-in/check-out functionality and supports specialized search criteria, such as by item and jobsite to pinpoint equipment locations. BarcodeShack enabled an alert functionality to ensure no tools or equipment were unaccounted for upon leaving the jobsite. BarcodeShack provided data integration between Wasp AssetCloud and Cape Associates’ project management/cost accounting software, enabling automation information updates and sharing between the two systems.

Asset Management Visibility and System Integrations Prime Cape Associates for Continued Success

Cape Associates has enhanced their custom home build capabilities with an accessible, integrated software system in place supporting their ongoing operations. Their cloud-based asset management solution efficiently automates tool and equipment visibility and tracking from any location, reduces the potential for asset loss (and subsequent replacement cost and decreased productivity) by enabling database updates and alerts in the field. Visibility into asset location, usage per project and integration with project management systems also improves the client billing process. BarcodeShack cost-effectively integrated the software solution with a number of third-party systems, including accounting, ERP and vertical systems (construction management systems and more).

Cape Associates can now properly track, manage and bill for assets from any location and multiple devices, resulting in increased accuracy, productivity, reduced losses and improved asset accounting, management and reporting capabilities.

*Image Credit: Cape Associates, Inc.