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BarcodeShack Extras & Add Ons for Wasp

Learn more about the value of BarcodeShacks Extras & Add Ons for Wasp! From consultation, training, report writing and integration services, we add extra sting to your Wasp implementation.


Our team hand selects the correct system to ensure that what we offer is a proper fit for the operational requirements - will the solution do the job?

We get calls from Wasp customers all the time who either purchased the wrong Wasp product or didn’t finish the necessary due diligence to determine if the Wasp solution purchase was suitable for the job intended. This is why a web consultation meeting with BarcodeShack is so important. In a short period of time, we can discuss your specific requirements and then offer the right solution to meet those requirements. 

Best Practices

Our trained and skilled barcode engineers know how to properly implement the solutions for the maximum benefit.

We optimize the software for your needs without decreasing future usability due to clunky customization. BarcodeShack’s special knowledge helps you develop the proper process flow, then select and use the right transactions to ensure proper software usage.


Customized, ongoing training is necessary to get started right and ensure your staff will be self-sufficient by the end.

Our training is designed with your operational requirements in mind. Do you need to track raw materials to create finished goods and have lot number traceability or are you using the systems as a simple stockroom program? Do you need to create purchase orders and pick-up orders? Do you need to track material usage to work orders or projects? The training is tailored to your needs because we have been involved from the start and have the knowledge necessary to tailor our solution to work for your staff and operations.

Database Set-Up

Proper database set-up is key to verifying the right data fields are entered correctly, otherwise the resulting data exports may not be usable.

Good data in equals good data out. Getting good data in is probably the most important step in a successful implementation. Part numbers, descriptions, cost, price, LIFO, FIFO moving average, searchable data fields, sorting the data, and more are all based on good data. We possess an intimate knowledge of the database which enables us to verify the data entered is good and therefore usable.

Report Writing

Reports are optimized for your company and knowledge needs to get the exact data you need to make the right business decisions.

The Wasp solutions include 60 to 85 reports but on some occasions, the reports included will not meet your precise needs. Modifying and writing custom reports requires deep knowledge of the Wasp database tables. As the largest Wasp value-added reseller, with years of experience implementing this technology, we have the knowledge and experience to quickly analyze and develop custom reports. We keep the work we perform for you in safekeeping for reference should you need our support and/ or additional modifications in the future.


One of the most important features we offer is our capability and experience in customizing a solution - not just ensuring functionality, but optimization.

Wasp is a great off-the-shelf solution but sometimes by itself it won’t offer the functionality needed to meet our customer's exact requirements. BarcodeShack offers custom modules that are integrated within the Wasp framework to meet your specific needs. Mass-move by serial number, date range-based, and customized email alerts are just a couple of examples of modules that we have built and deployed to make Wasp solutions a success for our clients.


For seamless automated results between systems, the Wizard Data Exchanger provides the desired level of integration with enterprise systems, open database applications and external data files.

Our development Partner, Mobility Systems has developed an integration tool that we use to integrate Wasp with a variety of systems. We can integrate with any system that has open APIs, for example … Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Sage MAS 200, Famous Software, Prophet 21, infor VISUAL, infor EAM, SAP, UPS, FedEx, Remedy, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Pervasive, ProvideX, Sybase iAnywhere, and Microsoft Access.

Android & IOS Support

Wizard Dragonfly is supported on all of today’s mobile devices with native client applications, meaning it will follow the device’s design style to correspond to display size, communication capabilities, scanning and more.

Wizard Dragonfly is an add-on mobile application for Wasp Inventory Control. The Wizard Dragonfly application has several key benefits and enhancements when compared to the native mobile application included with Wasp Inventory Control. The native mobile application only supports the Windows Mobile Operating System, while the Wizard Dragonfly supports Android, IOS (Apple), Windows Mobile, and Windows XP and 10 operating system. 

The list of application functionality of the Wizard Dragonfly includes: 

  1. Standard Professional English and Spanish Language Support 
  2. Add, Remove, Move, PO Receive, Pick Orders, and Create/Edit Items 
  3. View Inventory Stocking Levels, Locations, Images, Track by and Custom Fields 
  4. Batch and Real-time (Wireless) modes supported 
  5. GS-1 Barcode Parsing and Field Mapping (limited) 
  6. Display Item notes when performing inventory transactions 
  7. Create new Pick Orders with line items 
  8. Auto-Log out when idle for user-defined time period 
  9. Auto-Data Sync when not logged in and idle for user-defined time period 
  10. Display and notify of date coded items when performing inventory transactions 
  11. 1-Step Add/ Remove Inventory Transactions

The Wasp native Mobile Client is only capable of completing the functions (in English only) listed in lines 2-4 and line 6.

Platinum Concierge Support

BarcodeShack annual support plans go far beyond the plans offered by manufacturers.

BarcodeShack’s customer service and support is what sets us apart from our competitors. We know how important and mission-critical your inventory system is and we offer the support needed to ensure your operation keeps up and running. We learn your operation and are then able to provide not only fixes to technical glitches but we can also answer questions on best practices, transactional flow, and reporting, label design and printing issues, scanning issues, process flow and more. Our knowledgeable experts are at your disposal to help however we can, wherever we are needed.

Speciality Labels

Our diverse offerings are able to meet specific operational requirements as is needed.

If the label doesn’t work - the system doesn’t work. We have the expertise, experience and knowledge to analyze and meet any labeling requirement. Do your labels need to be water-proof, gas-proof, oil-proof and bleach-proof? Or do you need labels that are sticky but are easily removed? How about glove-friendly? Piggyback labels or labels with color borders? To name but just a few, we offer all these and more.